The future

My own manifesto item #8: I cannot control the future. I so desperately needed to return to this idea today, and to fill it out with Buddhist thought. I cannot control the future because no one can. And accepting that means accepting as well that there are many things I cannot control, and therefore am not responsible for. Such a harsh childhood lesson, the feeling that we should somehow be responsible for things we have no control over. The helplessness hurts, yes. But worse is the inner voice telling us that we are failures because we can’t control everything. No. I deny that. We are brave because we go on hoping, wanting, trying, despite the fact that we cannot control everything. We are courageous because we face uncertainty every day–will we be loved tomorrow? Will our families be safe? Will we do or say or make something that matters (to us, if to no one else)? We don’t know. But we care anyway. Breathe. Care. Love. Ask to be loved. Hope. There is no foolishness in any of those things.

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