The Manifesto Free on Kindle

In the spirit of Thanksgiving shopping deals and Christmas giving, my book of suggestions for a freer life, The Manifesto, is free on kindle for a few days. Please download, read, and enjoy. It’s about not judging yourself, about giving yourself the time and space to nurture your inner life, about relationships and asking for what you want and dealing with worry. I hope you get something out of it.The Manifesto cover

For now, I’ll leave you with my best advice when it comes to close relationships–partners, family, friends: Say what you feel, and say what you want. Be honest with yourself and others. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Be open. Don’t apologize for your feelings, for what you want. Trust your loved ones to listen, and expect them to respond with lovingkindness, even if they can’t give you everything you want. Take a breath, gather your courage, and then say what you feel, and say what you want.

One thought on “The Manifesto Free on Kindle

  1. Thank you! I’m going through a really hard time in my life right now! My father passed away a month ago,he was my best friend I miss him so much. If you still have your parents with you please CALL them tell them you love them you never know when you’ll get that phone call…
    Tim Edwards

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