Because I woke up today needing this reminder myself. ❤

The Manifesto


  1. Take 10 deep breaths. Sit up straight, tucking your shoulders back and down, pulling your chin down and elongating your neck (most of us jut our chins forward and hang our heads low). Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Take your time. 10 breaths. This simple technique has so many advantages: you can do it anywhere (you always have to breathe); you don’t have to believe it’ll help, because numerous scientific studies have already proven that it does, in fact, have a physiological relaxation effect that even helps with hypertension; Buddhists and other meditation practitioners have been doing it for thousands of years; and breathing is sexy. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating with that last one, though no doubt you can find studies linking deep breathing to anything.
  2. Send a text (or a quick email, if you don’t text) to someone, telling that person how much you appreciate her or him.

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